in which Robin demonstrates to Marian how one is to pose when someone pulls out a device called a “camera.” 

Anonymous sent:

Nac I think if the curse was lifted Rumpel would definitely go back to his old ways, because after he killed switched daggers on Belle, he had every opportunity to come clean and admit it to her. But he didn't, he froze her and switched out the dagger again keeping her in the dark. Even with the power of being The Dark One, that's not a side effect of the curse that's just who he is. A brave man would admit his faults and accept the consequences. I don't see him doing that anytime soon.

I’m starting to think that with Henry working in his shop this season, Henry may truly be his “undoing.” Whether it’s finding out how to break the curse or just finding out Rumpelstiltskin’s secrets, it just feels like Rumpel hasn’t really had anything that counted as his undoing yet. 

I want to see Rumpelstiltskin really face the consequences for his actions this season because I feel like he is the most evil character they’ve introduced because of the fact that he is the Dark One, and has done so much and yet that’s been swept under the carpet. I don’t know if they just react in an unrealistic manner to Rumpel’s actions because the writers want to try and make him good, or because they’re all just scared of what he might do. 

Anonymous sent:

Nac- I think Rumpel is the true definition of a villain, even more so than Regina. Regina was "evil" but her aggression and bloodlust came from misplaced anger and bitterness. Rumpel's comes from just wanting power. Regina is legit trying to change, even if she stumbles and you can tell she does WANT to change, for herself and for Henry. Rumpel has NO desire to change and it shows in him lying to and manipulating Belle. He still cares more about power than her.

I definitely think that Rumpelstiltskin is the most villainous character of them all (although Jafar is good competition - can we please see them together?) but again, I really wonder just how much of that is from his curse. 

I highly doubt it, but what if when the curse broke, he didn’t want any of his power? Zoso got to the point where he wanted to be killed to rid himself of the power, so I wonder whether the curse breaking would have any drastic effect on Rumpelstiltskin as well? 

Anonymous sent:

Nac but I love love love the Sidney = Yen Sid theory. What do you think is gonna happen?

I really like this theory as well! 

I don’t necessarily think that this will happen in the show, but I’ve got an idea of what I think would be interesting and tie in with the Snow Queen. I think it’d be really cool if Sidney is indeed Yen Sid and he wrote the book, but he doesn’t remember doing so, and so he cannot change anything.

I feel like it’d be interesting if he and the Snow Queen had worked together in the past, perhaps with him training her to control her magic but she ends up tricking him (a la Jafar and Amara) and turns him into a genie without any recollection of his old life since she seems to be capable of wiping memories. 

Like I said, I don’t really think this would actually happen in the show, but that’s just an idea I think could work. 

EDIT: I just had to add a thought I had after the last episode. A part of the reason I’m now convinced Yen Sid/The Sorcerer wrote the book is because when they showed Zoso, it basically confirmed that the sorcerer has been around for much longer than the characters we know so far. He could possibly even be hundreds of years of years older than Rumpel. 

I think it’s entirely possible that he may have even been the one to create the Enchanted Forest and all of these other lands. It’s just a thought, but what if he had been a magic user in our world who had read these stories of people like himself existing and brought these stories to life? I think the true story is probably far from this, but it doesn’t hurt to come up with ideas. 

hook-n-emma sent:

NAC -- I keep seeing that Mr.Gold's actions are character regression but I don't think they are. He may have done good things in season 3 but he never had an issue with doing bad things. The most telling for me is that when Belle was Lacey and was into his dark side he had no problem going bad for her. That's who he is at his core and he's only good for Belle's sake. If she liked his dark side he would give in to it without hesitation.

I want them to explore just how much the Dark One’s curse affects Rumpelstiltskin. Would he somehow revert to a coward if the curse was lifted, or would his new personality traits remain? Would he still feel hungry for power and feel inclined to do evil things? 

We’ve now seen with Regina and Will that not having a heart doesn’t make you do any evil, but I’d like to know whether Rumpel’s curse is primarily responsible for his actions or whether he’d still be the same if it were lifted. If they do decide to make that a storyline, I also wonder whether they’ll tackle why Belle’s kiss seemed to be breaking his curse then and why now it doesn’t have any effect? 

Anonymous sent:

NAC I don't think people realize that OUAT is not based on the Disney version of Fairy tales. It's based on the original versions. I first caught onto this in 1x02. Rapunzel was amoung those with the darkest souls - her eyes were scratched out.

That woman is actually a blind witch (I don’t believe she’s meant to be the same Blind Witch from the Hansel & Gretel episode) and in Storybrooke, she’s called Miss Ginger. Rapunzel hadn’t left her tower until 3.14 when Charming encountered her, and that happened after 1.02.