Anonymous sent:

NAC - Apparently Kathryn Nolan and/or Princess Abigail are coming back to the show?????

Yup! According to Anastasia Griffith, she will be back to play Abigail/Kathryn in an upcoming episode! I’ve missed her. Hopefully they use her well. 

lokiinallmovies replied to your post: Weekly roundup!

I wonder how they’ll explain King Leo not recognizing Cora when he married Regina. Awkward!

Oh, he did recognize her. Adam Horowitz confirmed that bit on Twitter. This just makes Leopold even creepier to me :/

musicalangel12 answered: 

Outlaw Queen kiss—*dies* But I thought everything regarding Regina and Snow was amazing and great character development for both.

I loved Snow and Regina’s scenes - especially Regina acknowledging that Snow didn’t just kill Cora for no reason and that Cora was not some innocent person. 

ladracul answered: 

I am just VERY happy Zelena’s father is NOT someone we already knew.

I was worried it’d be Leopold before the episode aired. The last thing we need is Snow and Regina being “related.” And I’m glad that we finally know why Cora really hated Eva. Now if only they’ll show us how she and Henry went from being royals to having nothing.

rubypepperbelle07 said:

Favorite of the season, but I’m also confused by why the show has all of a sudden gone all horror movie without giving us more Land Without Color!

I wonder if we’ll ever see that land again?

kerrrrnalpopcorn answered: 

I liked the Regina and Snow moments! Zelena and Rumples scene was definitely in the creepy zone however. OH! And the Outlaw Queen kiss! OMG!

Zelena and Rumpel’s scene was definitely rather creepy. I don’t really know how he thought she wouldn’t notice him taking the dagger back. 

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i'm sure this has been asked a lot but i'm new to your blog and wanted to know who your favorite once character is? :)

My personal favourite is Regina. Welcome to the blog! :) 


welcomeaboardthenopetrain answered your post: Weekly roundup!

Would’ve like if the ghost was older cora rather than young cora but other than that it was amazing. the whole thing omg.

I miss Barbara Hershey as Cora and just wish she could’ve been on the show more. At least we got to see her in Wonderland.

space-husband answered: 

Meh. This show doesn’t know how to make sympathetic bad guys…it should stop trying to

For me, it depends on the villain and how they’re written. I don’t really sympathize much with Zelena and her story because the story is kind of weak. 

lillythegiggly1 answered: 

Would have liked some explanation as to how spirit Cora came though, and how she didn’t know that Jonathon wasn’t a prince

I guess Cora was just really out of the loop when it came to who the royals were. 

imabloggernotadoctorjim answered:

Thank you Snow & Regina for making me cry.

Their scenes were so sweet. 

once-upon-a-winchesterr answered:

OMG to much to handle. Regina may get her happy ending! :)

Well  I think Regina’s real happy ending would be being with her son. A love interest would just be extra. 

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nac- so if zelena is the wicked witch of the west then i guess that would make regina the "wicked witch of the east" cause storybrooke is on the east coast???? maybe???? idk

Maybe, since they are sisters.. Who knows with the show though. I know they’ve cast a good witch, but that’s about it. 

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NAC- i love how Regina didnt snap at robin for giving up her heart to rumple. the first thing she thought about was if anyone got hurt.

Regina is definitely growing so much as a character and a person. I love it.