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NAC: I think Adam & Eddie own us an apology because of what rappened with Regina and Graham. I don't believe CS promotes rape culture though. I mean, it's not okay to kiss someone that doesn't remember you, but Hook was trying to see if Emma would remember everything. But I think that only who passed throught it can actually judge. But it's safe to say that G&R was promoting and it was an absurd.

I feel like they owe us an apology for many things.

No but they do need to speak up and admit that even if that wasn’t their intention, Graham and Regina’s storyline almost certainly implied rape and nothing ever came from that. Sure we saw her as the bad guy but we never saw Emma realize “oh crap the kid was right about her crushing his heart.” 

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nac, has the writters ever reffered or know that some people think the show promots rape calture?

I honestly am not sure. I’m not really interested in the writers/creators or what they have to say, so I don’t follow them on Twitter or keep up with their interviews (just if I see things on Tumblr). 

Anyone else got an answer?