Anonymous sent:

NAC: Where do you get your screen caps??

I have all of the episodes and screenshot all of the images myself. 

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Nac- I don't quite understand the last confession. Isn't that what's been happening?

I think what the OP meant is they’d like to see classic villains from stories/films come from our world. Like say if a famous villain like Doctor Facilier (Princess and the Frog) were a child in the Enchanted Forest who ended up in our world before the curse and then he came to Storybrooke as an adult. That’s how it comes off to me. We’ve had Greg and Tamara come from our world, but they had nothing to do with the Enchanted Forest and the Darling brothers don’t really count. 

preciouslegolass sent:

Nac: Every time somebody submits a confession about plot holes, I hear Zelena saying "Details, details." in my head. ;)

That’s probably the creators while coming up with the plans for a season.

"Well don’t you think we should be discussing HOW this happened?"

"Details, details. Now onto the next plot!" 

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do you like harry potter??

Random question, but yes I do! 

Fun fact: When I made this blog, I had also made a Harry Potter confessions blog that I thought would be kind of successful while I assumed this one would get like a couple confessions every so often. I may have been a littttle wrong on that one.